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CORRECTING and REPLACING Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. Enters Binding MOU Agreement to Form Joint Venture Company for Pristine-M™ Technology with Jindal Steel and Power Limited

NEW YORK-- Second graph, second sentence of release should read: For its 65% stake, Jindal will pay US$6,000,000 into the Joint Venture Company... (sted For its 65% stake, Jindal will pay US$6,00,000 into the Joint Venture Company...)

The corrected release reads:

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. Enters Binding MOU Agreement to Form Joint Venture Company for Pristine-M™ Technology with Jindal Steel and Power Limited

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (“CCTI”, “the Company”), a cleaner-energy technology company, “fully-reporting” and listed on the Pink Sheets-QB (symbol CCTC), today announced it has entered into a binding agreement to form a Joint Venture Corporation in the ASEAN region with Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., (JINDALSTEEL.BO/JSP:IN). Ownership of the joint venture will be held 65% by Jindal and 35% by CCTI. Final Terms of the Joint Venture Agreement are being negotiated.

For its 35% stake in the Joint Venture Company, CCTI will contribute a 25-year exclusive license to market and deploy Pristine-M™ Technology, covering the ASEAN countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. For its 65% stake, Jindal will pay US$6,000,000 into the Joint Venture Company, US$4 million of which will be paid to CCTI for an exclusive license of the Pristine-M™ Technology. A payment of US$1.5 million will be made to CCTI upon the signing of the Joint Venture Agreement, and $US2.5 million upon successful commissioning of a 1/10-scale pilot plant. The remaining $US2 million will pay for the full construction of the pilot plant. It is anticipated that the pilot plant will take between 16 and 24 weeks to complete; construction is expected commence in February, 2012.

Construction of the pilot plant will be followed by an initial 1,000,000 ton commercial plant at Jindal's mines in Indonesia. The Joint Venture Company will market and deploy the Pristine-M™ Technology to third parties throughout the ASEAN region.

Jindal will fund the working capital for the Joint Venture Company on terms to be negotiated in Joint Venture Agreement until CCTI is able to fund their share or until joint venture revenues are adequate to cover operating costs.

“This is a defining moment in CCTI’s mission to introduce our Pristine-M™ Technology as the global solution to high moisture coal. Forming a joint venture with a major global company, Jindal Power and Steel, further validates the capabilities of our technology,” stated Mr. Robin Eves, Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.

About Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.

CCTI, ( a cleaner-energy, technology company headquartered in New York City, NY, owns a patented process technology to convert coal into a cleaner burning fuel source. This technology is a “mild gasification” process that removes moisture and volatile matters without pulverizing the coal or pelletizing it. The coal remains highly resistant to moisture re-absorption as it is naturally coated in the process. The Company's patented end product “PRISTINE™” coal is significantly more efficient, less polluting, more cost effective, and provides more heat than untreated dirty coal. The technology is based on long-established benefaction processes and utilizes off-the-shelf components and equipment. The process may remove as much as 90% of chemical pollutants from coal, thereby helping to resolve emissions issues affecting coal-fired power plants all over the world.

About Jindal Steel & Power Limited (JSPL)

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is one of India’s major steel producers with a significant presence in sectors like Steel, Mining, Power Generation and Infrastructure. With an annual turnover of over US $2.9 billion, JSPL is a part of the over US $ 15 billion diversified O. P. Jindal Group. In the recent past, JSPL has expanded its steel, power and mining businesses to various parts of the world particularly in Asia, Africa and South America.

The company produces economical and efficient steel and power. From the widest flat products to a whole range of long products, JSPL sports a product portfolio that caters to major infrastructure and housing projects in the country. It also has the distinction of producing the world’s longest 121 metre rails and large size parallel flange beams, high strength angle irons for transmission towers and high strength earthquake resistant construction rebars.

The organisation is equally concerned about the environment and is committed towards restoring nature’s balance by maintaining a clean and green environment. JSPL’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy aims at bringing about a radical transformation in the quality of people in and around the operation areas of the company through positive intervention in social upliftent programs.

Matters discussed in this press release contain forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainties, which could significantly impact the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the time frame for production of revenue, product development and commercial introduction, the impact of rapid price and technological change and competition, manufacturing and supply uncertainties and other risks.

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