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Clean Coal Technologies Retains Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc. to Design and Build Coal Testing Unit

Files provisional patent application for new process, Pristine-SA

NEW YORK, June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: CCTC) ("the Company"), an emerging cleaner-energy company utilizing patented technology to convert raw coal into a cleaner burning and more efficient fuel, today announced that it has retained Louisville, Kentucky-based Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc. ("Carrier") to design and build a batch processor that adds capabilities to the pilot test plant which the Company plans to commission in the August to September time frame of this year. Carrier is a major supplier to the pilot plant that has been designed and will be built by Science Applications International Corporation ("SAIC").

"The new equipment imparts a level of sophistication to our Pristine-M process, in particular, it allows us to understand very precisely the chemical composition of the feed coal and, thereby, will provide the data that translates into process parameters at industrial scale. It allows us to take into account the tremendous differences in chemical and physical properties of feed coal even within a single mine," said Robin Eves, President & CEO of CCTI. "The ability to account for such differences is critically important and may explain part of the reason for some of the failures to develop a viable coal dehydration process," added Mr. Eves.  

Regarding CCTI's Pristine-M process, the batch processor will be especially useful in the area of product stabilization, a critical part of the process. Further, the batch processor is envisioned to become standard test equipment in the field. The new equipment will have the ability process 20 to 25 pounds of raw coal in batches, removing moisture and volatile matter into various chemical fractions that will allow for individual and complete laboratory analysis. Additionally, electrical resistance heaters, making it possible to establish and repeat test conditions very accurately, will supply Process heat for the unit.

In addition, the new equipment will assist in the development of a new process to be called Pristine-SA.  Today, the Company filed a provisional patent application for the new process. 

"Pristine-SA represents a significant addition to the Company's technology portfolio that further enhances the overall value and competitive edge," said Mr. Eves.  The new process is designed to produce a coal product that is devoid of all volatiles and comes together with a solution for ensuring efficient and clean combustion on a level with natural gas. The basic Pristine-SA concept has been filed and will be followed by R & D to address its application in various fuel and non-fuel product areas.

About Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc., a cleaner-energy technology company with headquarters in New York City, NY, holds patented process technology and other intellectual property that converts raw coal into a cleaner burning fuel. The Company's trademarked end products, "Pristine™" coals, are significantly more efficient, less polluting, more cost-effective, and provide more heat than untreated coal. The principal elements of the Company's pre combustion technology are based on well-proven science and tried-and-tested industrial components. The Company's clean coal technology may reduce some 90% of chemical pollutants from coal, including Sulfur and Mercury, thereby resolving emissions issues affecting coal-fired power plants.

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