• What is Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.'s stock symbol and CUSIP number?
  • Clean Coal’s stock symbol is CCTC and the CUSIP number is 18450P101. Clean Coal’s shares are listed on the OTC Pink Market.

  • How can I purchase Clean Coal stock?
  • Shares of Clean Coal stock can be purchased directly from a broker.

  • Who is the stock transfer agent for Clean Coal Technologies?
  • The transfer agent for Clean Coal’s common stock is Worldwide Stock Transfer, LLC. The transfer agent’s address is:

    Worldwide Stock Transfer, LLC
    433 Hackensack Avenue, Level L
    Hackensack, NJ 07601
    Telephone: (201) 820-2008
    Fax: (201) 820-2010
    Attention: Yonah J. Kopstick

  • Where can a potential investor get information about Clean Coal?
  • The Clean Coal investor web site provides a wide range of information, including corporate overviews, industry descriptions, and other financial and operational material. Visitors to the site will find additional information and Investor Relations assets as they become available.

  • How can I get a copy of the materials filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)?
  • Clean Coal Technologies’ SEC filings are made available over the Internet by various service providers, including the Clean Coal website Investors page, or you can search and download the information directly from the SEC website, at www.sec.gov.

  • Who are the corporate officers of Clean Coal?
  • Biographies of Clean Coal’s corporate officers and related information can be found on the Management page of Clean Coal’s website.

  • How do I contact Clean Coal’s Investor Relations?
  • Sean Mahoney